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Headteacher/Staff Support Programme 

Gary delivers Headteacher and staff support packages which typically consists of a 6 or 12 hour 'package' over an academic year, which usually involves three to six visits of pastoral support and additional email, phone or skype contact. This can be varied according to needs but is based on visits which are private, confidential and act as a professional sounding board, within a coaching/mentoring approach which leads to action for better results, problem-solving and greater resilience.

A variation in hours (e.g fewer or greater) can be discussed individually as a well as ‘packages’ that include some inset e.g. 2/3 twilight sessions per annum or coaching sessions delivered in a smaller time frame e.g a coaching session weekly for one month. 

Personal and professional training in schools and organisations

Over the last twenty years,  Gary and Jayne have facilitated a wide range of training courses and workshops across the Education and Public sector including primary/secondary schools, universities and charities. This works sometimes includes co-delivery with associates. These courses can be run in-house, in community settings or in retreat settings.  They offer bespoke, tailored programmes based on the needs of the organisation and the clients who they serve. 


Typical examples of programmes offered are as follows:

  • Maintaining positive mindsets and well-being 

  • Managing stress and work-life balance 

  • Developing emotional resilience

  • Understanding emotional intelligence 

  • Time management and prioritisation 

  • Managing challenging conversations 

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Positive Psychology 

  • Menopause transition

  • Coaching skills 

  • Developing leadership

  • Teamwork and team effectiveness 

  • Managing change 

  • Building vision 

  • Goal setting 

  • Career planning 

  • Job search and application strategies 

  • Personal/career development for women 

Jayne is currently partnering with Bianca Jones of EDP Training to co-deliver  2.5 hour - anti-racism in the workplace course for a local authority called 'Race Aware'. 

Leadership, performance and career coaching 

We have supported clients to achieve their goals and move forward in different aspects of their lives through coaching. Our clients have included Senior leaders in schools, career changers, entrepreneurs and professionals/managers, and individuals who want to navigate through challenging circumstances and work situations. 

We offer coaching on a range of topics including:

  • Career options/development/career change

  • Fitness and Well-being 

  • Confidence and Resilience

  • Menopause transition

  • Building and maintaining positive relationships at work

  • Personal organisation and effectiveness 

  • Preparation for interviews and presentations 

  • Returning to work

Gary has coached and mentored Headteacher and staff in schools over many years and believes that by supporting staff in their well-being it has a direct and positive impact on the educational outcomes of children and young people. 

Jayne's main areas of coaching and training are finding a new job or career, improving emotional intelligence, developing inclusive leadership, and establishing resilience in coping with setbacks and challenges. 

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