Working independently and with associates, GSP Coaching Ltd offers a range of bespoke programmes which help individuals and teams in organisations and community groups to build on their diverse talents and strengths, explore new perspectives and work on their goals in order to enhance performance, resilience, confidence and fulfilment at work and in their personal lives.

About GSP Coaching

Empowering people to enjoy their work in an effective way that allows them balance in their personal and working lives.

GSP Coaching Ltd was set up in 2009 by Gary and Jayne Saul-Paterson.  Both Gary and Jayne have been freelance coaches and trainers since 2000 and decided to bring their training and coaching work together under the umbrella GSP Coaching Ltd (Gisborne Saul-Paterson Ltd).  


Gary is an experienced leadership coach and trainer who has worked for over 30 years as a Headteacher, Headteacher Support Coordinator, trainer and facilitator in a variety of organisations mostly within the Education sector. 


Gary has helped to inspire significant change and development for a wide range of clients in schools, local authorities and businesses, and provides confidential and motivational support for mainly leaders. He provides a Headteacher and staff pastoral support service plus coaching and training predominately in schools based in South West but can work remotely with schools across the country. 


Jayne is an experienced and qualified Coach, Careers Adviser and Trainer who has been delivering teaching, coaching, training and advisory services for 30 years.  


Jayne is a proactive advocate for Equality and Inclusion and has worked on a number of diversity projects including setting up and leading the employer mentoring scheme at the University of the West of England whilst working there as a Careers Consultant.  She has previously worked in Primary, Secondary and Advisory teaching roles specialising in emotional intelligence, mental health, race equality and special needs.  Jayne has designed and delivered training programmes including those specifically aimed at women, ethnically diverse individuals particularly in the areas of career, emotional well-being, positive psychology and personal development.  

Coaching and Training Services

Support for individuals and teams

We believe our work to date shows our coaching and training leaves individuals feeling uplifted, with clarity and focus on goals and actions, which enables them to be more able to manage the pressures and challenges of their life and work, which benefits them, their families and the client groups they serve and the teams they work with. 

Coaching and Support for Schools

Services for Headteachers and Staff in Schools

Gary Saul-Paterson offers Headteacher/staff support programmes - For further details - see our Services page.

Training and Facilitation

Personal and professional training in schools and organisations

As trainers and facilitators over many years, we have helped to inspire significant change and development for clients in schools, academies, local authorities and businesses, and provide confidential and motivational support for leaders and staff. Themes include: Leadership, Well-being and Emotional Resilience, Positive Psychology and mindsets,  Time Management, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Career development and transition, Coaching, Team Building and Facilitation of meetings, away days and retreats. Courses can be delivered on-site, via retreat settings or virtually. 

For further details - see our Services page.

Leadership, Performance and Career Coaching

Managing life and work

We support clients on a wide variety of issues in professional and personal development. We offer  performance, business and career coaching covering topics in Leadership and organisational/business development,  Career development, Communication skills and managing relationships

For further details - see our Services page.



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